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(for Android)

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- About this application -

This application is a multi-function text editor for Android.
In addition to regular text input editing, Undo / Redo can endlessly, a shortcut key operation, and automation of key macro editing, call the various functions through gestures, advanced text editing is available.

This application can use the following functions.

  • The editing of the text file.
    • Input text.
    • Cut, Copy, Paste
    • Select text.
    • Can do Undo/Redo endlessly.
    • The cursor position appointment by the cursor pointer.
    • Drag and drop the selected text.
    • Move the cursor with the cursor buttons.
    • Jump to line.
    • A text search, replace.(Can use regular expressions)
    • Operation by the shortcut key.
    • Various operations can be performed by the gesture.
    • Display a tab character, a full size space, a line feed in particular.
    • Line number, charactor position indication.
    • Character code automatic distinction.
    • Convert line break character.
    • Editing by automating key macro.
    • Insert a string date / time.
    • Convertion to uppercase / lowercase.
    • Conversion to full width / half width chars.
    • Conversion to full width / half width Japanese KANA.
    • Insert tab charactor function.
    • Insert text input capability reduces time registered.
    • Efficiency can be edited by opening multiple files.
    • Built-in browser can display.
  • Settings
    • Detailed color appointment. (Text, Background, Cursor, Cursor line background, Selected text, Selected text background, Line break charactor, Tab charactor, Full size space)
    • A font change.
    • Text size.
    • Brightness
    • Tab indent
    • Indication / non-indication change of the tool bar and status bar.
    • An indication point change of the tool bar. (Upper or Bottom)
    • The key of shortcut key
    • Gesture
    • Function call can be specified in the operation of a simple touch.
    • Bookmarks (can be set in order)
    • Insert text (can be set in order)
    • Margins on all sides.
    • Screen rotation lock.
  • Loading and saving files
    • Character code read by automatic detection.
    • Determining line break char.
    • Read by the specified character code.
    • Reading file specification.
    • Reading from a bookmark.
    • Reading history (used to record the last character code to open the file in question).
    • Character code stored in the specified line break char.
    • Save As.
  • The management capability of the file and the folder
    • The editing of the file and the folder. (Copy, Move, Rename, Delete etc.)
    • Sort out items. (name order, last update order, size order)
    • The email attachment of the file.
    • Go to the folder with the bookmark feature registration.
    • Thumbnail images.
  • Shortcut function
    • Create the shortcut of the file to a home screen.
    • Start direct from the shortcut of the file of the home screen.
    • Create the shortcut of the folder to a home screen.
    • It is started a direct folder by the shortcut of the folder of the home screen.
  • It is called by outside application and opens up a text file.
    • Open up the attached file of the email.
    • etc.
  • Backup function. (When application was terminated by the OS's, store backup.)
  • Robust function. (When an internal error occurred, store a file like a backup function.)


  • The handling of function number of times to Undo/Redo depends on the quantity of storage memory.
  • When unexpected, sometimes may not completely handle the backup function and the robust function.
    However, security will increase because there are these functions!

- Attention in the file operation -

As for the file except the SD card, edits are prohibited, and a system may not work when you edit it forcibly.
Because we do not guarantee it at all, please use it on a self-responsibility.

- Update infomation -

Version Update
  • Fixed an issue with the display icon in the file list screen.
  • Fixed a problem that can not be terminated by Back button if you cancel during the save confirmation.
  • Added a theme setting for Android 4.x.
  • Fixed the problem that appears when you cancel the file read.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Changed the icon.
  • Fixed an issue that was specified character encoding does not work.
  • Fixed the problem can not open the heavy file when it is called from the outside.
  • Fixed the behavior when you press and hold the center key.
  • Changed the behavior when selecting Search / Replace menu.
  • Changed the behavior when selecting the Macro menu.
  • Changed the height of the bar variety.
  • Added a menu button on the screen, such as a menu.
  • Fixed the internal processing.
  • Added option to not display the cursor pointer selected during the long press.
  • Added option to not use the shortcut keys.
  • Added option to not use the gesture.
  • Changed the design of the icon in the menu button.
  • Fixed an issue where an error occurs when some input in the IME.
  • Fixed an issue in which the text is deleted when you rotate the screen when text selection.
  • Fixed a display problem such as a button may be illegal depending on the size of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where an error "Insert text" function.
  • Fixed an internal processing.
  • Has revived the "Select-mode" function. (This function is to facilitate text selection)
    • Added the "Select-mode" to "Edit" menu.
    • Has revived the "Select-mode" button.
  • Has been deleted the "Save" button.
  • Was slightly larger size of the cursor button.
  • Fixed an internal processing.
  • By the screen size problem has been corrected error occurs when you start.
  • Added the ability to "Selected range info" to the "Edit" menu.
    • Displays the number of characters in the selected range, the number of lines, starting position, the end position.
  • Changed the default color for the line break.
  • Changed the display of the document list.
  • Fixed an issue can not be called the "Close" in the function call and gesture.
  • Fixed a problem where the state of the "Search / Replace" button will not change when you select a "Search / Replace" menu item.
  • Fixed an issue with the location of the item is not initialized when you cancel the menu list.
  • Added the ability to edit multiple documents.
    • You can can have multiple documents open, switch.
    • Was added to the Document menu.
    • Memo function has been abolished.
  • Added the ability to call a favorite feature when the tap, press and hold, flick the cursor position display area.
    • Features like touch shortcut keys, you can call a fast favorite feature is available.
    • The setting screen is displayed when you tap when not set.
    • Abolished the ability to call the line to jump when you double-tap.
  • Has enhanced the shortcut key. (Requires a hardware key)
    • Increased the key type available.
      • Function keys, Tab, Enter, Space, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, etc. are available in addition to alphanumeric characters.
      • In addition Ctrl, Alt, Sym, the Function key can also be used in combination with the Shift key.
      • Some terminals can not be used if there is a specific key combination.
    • Was dramatically increased the available capabilities.
      • You can call the various functions as well as the ability gesture.
    • Was abolished the ability to use the shortcut key Alt key.
      • You can change various settings to use the Alt key shortcut for each key.
    • It clears the previous settings at the time of first use, please re-set.
  • Added a feature available with the gesture.
  • To the "Edit" menu item was added to "Register text".
    • You can register the selected text function "Insert text".
  • Added the ability to repeat the Undo / Redo button.
  • Changed the behavior when you press and hold the text editing area.
    • For moving the cursor pointer is displayed when you tap to normal.
    • Selection cursor pointer appears when you press and hold to normal.
    • Switches to the cursor pointer for drag and drop and you press and hold is applied when you select the text to display when the cursor pointer selection.
    • Switches to re-select pointer cursor when you press and hold the cursor display pointer for drag and drop.
    • Pointer when the cursor is off when the text selection has been selected will display the cursor pointer.
    • Selection by double-tap, the row selection functions are also available by the triple-tap.
    • Selection mode has been abolished. Has been deleted mode selection button, a menu.
  • Added the Save button.
  • Changed the handling of canceled operations on the menu.
  • Has been modified to take a check when you call the macro, such as setting to save processing time.
  • Was to remove the "clear cache" button in the Basic Settings screen.
  • Add the "Select" from the Edit menu.
    • You can select a word, line selection.
  • Added the ability to display a menu list in the macro menu and search.
  • Fixed drawing of the selection.
  • Fixed an issue where when Toast does not appear when using the gesture.
  • Changed the backup function.
  • The internally maintained edits at the time of the abend.
    • Then, check whether you want to restore the next time you start.
    • Please note that your edits will disappear at the end of the anomaly have internally when you uninstall the app.
  • Was faster fixes and internal processing.
  • Fixed the problem that when scrolling the cursor pointer is shifted.
  • Fixed the display of only selected line breaks.
  • Fixed a resource in Spanish.
  • Fixed a resource of Chinese (Traditional).
  • Fixed an issue where the display position of the cursor shifts related to the line wrapping.
  • Fixed an issue with some buttons will remain disabled when you use the search function when you select text.
  • Fixed an internal processing.
  • Improved method of text selection.
    • Two pointers will be displayed when the selection mode, or when double-tap.
    • Pointer when the double tap will disappear in a given time.
  • Changed the behavior of the scroll when the cursor pointer.
  • Has been changed as can be released again by holding down the drag-and-drop mode.
  • Added the ability to call the function when you double-tap jump line to line number display part.
  • Has been changed as a terminal to display the menu button in the resolution of non-Tablet.
  • Changed the placement of the button part.
  • Changed the design of some icon buttons.
  • Added the image for high-resolution screen.
  • Fixed the processing of the search function of gesture.
  • Fixed an internal processing.
  • Language has been added.
  • Has been changed help to online help.
  • Fixed an internal processing.
  • Fixed an internal processing.
  • Added high resolution icons.
  • Fixed a problem up and down buttons are not displayed in the order setting screen of the bookmark.
  • Fixed an issue when changing the cursor position is shifted to the size of the viewing area.
  • Added the ability to cancel a drag-and-drop mode, select-mode, such as when the character input.
  • Added ability to move the cursor position with the touch operation during the conversion character.
  • Fixed a rendering engine.
  • Fixed an issue where the IME menu disappears as soon as it is not, or even out.
  • By IME has fixed the problem that when does not work BackSpace(Delete).
  • Added support for delete function by extension of IME.
  • Fixed the movement of the cursor pointer.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor display start position of the drag & drop pointer shifts.
  • Fixed a selection display.
  • Fixed character position deviation of the display.
  • Fixed an issue with save confirmation is not displayed in the operation when you gesture "Open" list.
  • When we changed the behavior of the cursor up and down.
  • Gesture features "Send Selected text" fixed.
  • Garbled characters in the help page fixed.
  • Added functionality gestures.
  • Added a gesture button.
  • Removed the screen lock button.
  • Added by dragging the cursor movement functions.
  • Added the ability to be able to search using regular expressions.
  • Added the ability to call the Search History.
  • Treatment was changed when replacing the cursor movement.
    (Do a replace and search.)
  • Added the ability to convert Japanese characters.
    (Half width / Full width Japanese KANA)
  • Added Japanese string conversion function and regular expression search to key macro.
    (Changed to 1.1 version of the macro file. Reading a file of 1.0, can be used.)
  • Fixed a bug in the key macro recording feature.
  • The File menu "View in Browser" has been added.
    (It is possible to display the built-in browser for local files! When editing useful with HTML!)
  • Added the ability of JavaScript to the browser's built-in log view.
  • Added ability to specify fonts that are pre-installed.
  • Fix to eliminate the Toast during edits.
  • Changed the order history list was last opened.
  • Fixed the behavior when you open the shortcut menu.
  • Fixed interrupt handling when saving data.
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • The "Choose folder" screen display has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect selection display.
  • Fixed so the effect of the IME locked out after using the IME in the other dialog.
  • Fixed an issue which will not start when the toolbar is displayed below. (Only free edition)
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor shift to enter characters in the wrapped position.
  • Fixed an issue that can not see the cursor pointer.
  • Fixed a problem with selective display.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor line is shifted.
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • Adjusted the layout.
  • Added the "Send text" feature to the Edit menu.
  • Reviewed the status of the save feature by moving the screen.
  • Fixed a problem shifts the cursor position is moved at high speed.
  • Added ability to hide / show the IME when you press the IME lock button.
  • Optimized layout.
  • Added IME lock button.
  • Optimized layout.
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • Added functionality to display the IME when you tap the editing area.
  • The IME button has been removed.
  • Fixed internal processing.
  • The UI was optimized for large screen sizes such as a tablet.
  • Fixed an issue when the new line position shifts.
  • Fixed an issue that could drag and drop mode is enabled when the select-mode switching.
  • Fixed an issue where the line is not displayed when you move the text cursor to drag and drop.
  • Fixed to not display the cursor pointer outside the display region when the cursor line. (With drag and drop mode and selected mode)
  • The UI was optimized for large screen sizes such as a tablet.
  • Fixed an issue where an error occurs when the full screen the IME.
  • Fixed an issue that is listed twice to select the "Re-Open" menu and save the confirmation dialog.
  • Added ability to set the left and right margins.
  • Added ability to set the top and bottom margins (spacing lines can not move cursor).
  • The UI was optimized for large screen sizes such as a tablet.
  • Added the ability to lock screen rotation.
  • Added the ability to Home / End button locks the cursor.
  • Added the ability to insert a tab character.
  • Reviewed the menu item.
  • Added the Edit button.
  • Added a menu button. (Mainly for Kindle Fire)
  • Added Select All menu.
  • Added the Delete menu (same behavior as the Delete key on PC).
  • Optimized internal processing.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor position shifts during the transformation to touch the editing area IME.
  • Fixed an issue that can not move the cursor to move the pointer away.
  • Fixed an issue where an error occurs when you remove at once Backspace.
  • Speeded up the processing.(Drawing / Scrolling. etc.)
  • Added the ability to drag and drop.(After selecting the range, and can be used to press and hold)
  • Improved touch sensitivity by moving the cursor.
  • Redesigned the cursor pointer.
  • Changed to use a fade-out animation disappear when the cursor pointer.
  • Fixed to not move the cursor along the line when scrolling through touch.
  • Added functionality to allow changing the selection on the touch when you hold down the Shift key.
  • Fixed to undo the selection by Undo / Redo.
  • Changed the default brightness to 50%.
  • Fixed a problem that falls during the conversion IME.
  • Fixed a problem that is displayed when you enter wrong IME.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor after entering a position different from IME.
  • Fixed a problem that is hidden by a character at the cursor line after committing IME.
  • Fixed an issue where the buttons used to move the cursor when entering IME.
  • Added the button ability to move the cursor into the text editor.
  • Added a grid view to display the file list screen.
  • Incremental search feature has been added to the file list screen.
  • Changed the position of the search button.
  • Fixed scroll bar to display lights up when you move the folder.(for 2.x and more)
  • Fixed to the internal processing.
  • Remove unnecessary permissions (only free edition)
  • Added option to use the text file extension(".txt") when saving a new text.
  • Fixed a problem that has been converted characters are removed during processing IME reconversion.
  • Fixed a problem when it comes to triple-tap error.
  • Key Macro (keyboard macro) to add functionality.
  • Register to add a text insertion function.
  • Date and time insert additional features.
  • Additional features uppercase / lowercase.
  • Add the half / full width conversion function.
  • Replace all additional features.
  • Add memo feature.
  • Add a bookmark feature.
  • Add a thumbnail of the image display function.
  • Added ability to remove spaces to indent.
  • Clearly fix opacity settings screen color display.
  • Fixed an issue that can not see the character position indicator
  • Fixed a double tap in place choice behavior without the character.
  • Added the ability to select text by pressing the center key twice and three times.
  • Fixed a problem that does not Shift key lock state is released when starting IME.
  • Fixed function keys with the Ctrl key shortcuts.
  • Added the ability to "Re-Open"
  • Double-tap, triple tap selection with added features.
  • Added memory liberation processing for image.
  • It is revised the problem that IME disappears by after dialog indication.
  • A new line mark revised the problem that was not given after a screen turn.
  • Add a function to display the number of the files, the number of the folders to the property of the folder.
  • Revised the error message in the character code of non-support.
  • Revised a problem to become the unjust cursor position at the time of conversion cancellation of IME.
  • A cursor position revised a problem to overlap with IME at the time of a conversion start of IME.
  • Delete permission of the net access.
  • Changed it to communicate the license confirmation at every update.
  • A text color revised the problem that did not change at the time of reconversion.
  • First release.

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