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(for Android)

- Browser function -

It is simple web browser.
Can open a text, a image file.

In addition, reading of the consecutive HTML file is possible because movement(Back, Forward) is possible in an opened page.
Warning: If the link to the Internet to display to launch an external browser.
Warning: When open a heavy picture file(The images which photographed by a camera function), it takes time, the data of the image are displayed directly and may freeze. In addition, oppressed memory, and movement of NeoFiler in itself may become slow. Please terminate NeoFiler once when in such a condition.(Use NeoFiler's Exit menu) At that time, a black screen may appear for several seconds.

- The file which can open -

The text files that can open are as follows.

  • HTML file
  • XHTML file
  • Text file
  • Other text file (text/*)

The image files that can open are as follows.

  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG

- How to use -

The upper part of the screen has the following buttons.

Button Function
Previous / Forward

Come back to the page in privious.
Or, it changes in forward.

Perform reload of a page displaying now.
Stop reading.
Rotation lock On / Off
You can lock / unlock the screen by rotating the orientation of the terminal.
Scaling On / Off
Change the on/off of the Scaling function.
Change indication / non-indication of the search bar.
Search Next / Previous
It is a lower arrow displayed to the right side of the search bar, an upper arrow button. Search next when you push the button of the lower arrow after input in search keyword. Similarly, search the front when you push the button of the upper arrow.

The following items are displayed when push the "Menu" key.

Button Function
Change indication / non-indication of the search bar.
Display the information of the page.

View the log of JavaScript.
Note: Since this feature is available from Android 2.1.

Logs can be displayed are as follows.

  • JavaScript errors
  • console.log("Text!"); format output
Exit the browser.

- Problems of "HTMLViewer" -

An HTML file and the text file can open in "HTMLViewer" preinstalled by Android.
However, there are the following problems in "HTMLViewer".

  • The case including the half size space and fullwidth character does not open out for a file name.
    (When URL encoding is included, do not open out at all)
  • Cannot return in the page by a link function even if movemented pages.
  • Extended / Reduction is not possible.
  • Cannot come back when put a focus into the other application.
  • A task is left even if terminate it.

As noted above, offer this Web browser function because not easy to necessarily use "HTMLViewer".

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