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(for Android)

- Basic settings screen -

Basic setting of NeoFiler in itself is possible with this screen.
This screen is displayed when choose "Basic settings" of the "Settings" menu with a main screen.

What can set is as follows.

Item Detail
Open a opened folder last

Can set it at the time of application start whether open the folder which opened last.
This function is effective only when terminate application by an "Exit" menu from a main screen.
Note: Depending on environment, it may take several seconds until store a value at the time of the end.

Use home folder
Can set a designated folder as home folder. (a folder displayed at the time of start)
Display a route path of the auxiliary memory such as SD cards when a designated folder is not found.
Can choose a folder by pushing the "Change" button.
Note: When "Open a opened folder last" check box is checked, cannot use it.
Finished in home folder
Can set it whether finish application when a "Back" key in home folder was pushed.
Note: When checked, application is not finished unless choose an "Exit" menu with a main screen.

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